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Knife Sharpener honing steel - KITCHEN TOOL

Knife Sharpener honing steel Sharpening tool Grinding bar Whetstone kitchen tool assistant accessory easy operation 40Tips Parameters


Rod Material:  High hardness Carbon Steel

Blade Length:  200MM

Handle Material: ABS handle

Handle Length:  130MM

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1. Made of magnetized High hardness Carbon Steel with high density stripe tooth, which can sharpen / maintains the edge on knives and extends the life of your cutlery with regular use.

2. Easier for operation and better than the other normal sharpen rod.

3.Sword-shape designed, with big circle ring,maximum protecting on hands as well as artistic.

The Handle

1.ABS handle, high corrosion resistance. Non-slip grip.

2.Full tang for maximum robustness. 

3.Special handcrafted Ergonomic design, streamline knife and circle ring provide a perfect balance and maximum protection.Tips product Details

 The sharpening rod, Grinding bar



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