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Santoku Knife German 1.4116 Steel

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Product Name: 8.5 inch Chef Kitchen Knife

Product Material: German 1.4116 Steel Blade , Color Wodd Handle use for a long time not to distort, not to shrink and not faded

Product Category: M/R Series

Product Specifications: Knife Weight-195g, Knife Length-13.5"/343mm, Blade Length-8.5"/216mm, Blade Width-43mm, Blade Thickness-2.3mm

Product Features: Soft Weight, Sharp and Durable, Super Anti-rust

Sharpness: Level of Cutting Force with 6.0-8.0N international standard


1. Please keep it away from children.

2. Please don't keep the edge and point of knife aim to people.

3. Please don't catch the knife by hand when the knife drop down.

4. Please clean and dry the knife after using, and place it to the dry place.

5. The blade is very sharp, please don't use you finger to test the knife sharpness

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