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Kitchen Working Slippers (Chef shoes, zapatos ) - 2018

Shoe Size

Material: EVA + Rubber (very lightweight material)

Our strength:
1. Non-slip floor features excellent
?Water, oil, even in icy road 
2. Suitable for Hospitals, homes, restaurants, kitchen, bathrooms and other places 
3. The smooth surface of water, oil, chemicals, etc. Flows easily down
4. Excellent function of antibiosis and deodorization in Sole
5. Outstanding function to prevent slipping due to the function removing and draining water and oil
6. A long life with durability of abrasion of outsoles though a long time use
7. This shoes doesn't unpleasant smell and less deform

TIPS:EVA Material,New shoe have a little bit of smell,it is normal

Put it in the air for some while,then the smell will go away.

This shoes with advanced on-slip technology can be used under extreme slippery smooth and oily environment. The slip-resistant performance over other similar brands.
· Professional design
· Oil and acid resistant 
· Waterproof
· Light and breathable
· Supperior patent slip-resistant rubber